Cover Reveal for HOME (Jagged Scars Duet 2)

I am so pleased to bring you the cover for the concluding part of my Jagged Scars Duet. It started with SAFE and it ends here with HOME.

Home Front.jpg

Title: HOME

Author: Keren Hughes

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


~Home isn’t a physical place, it’s the place where your heart beats.~
Drew Wright always said he had the “reverse Midas touch”; everything he touched turned to shit instead of gold.
As a child, he was beaten, neglected, and abused by drug addicted parents whose next fix was more important than having food in the cupboard. Plagued by flashbacks of a past that haunts him, he’s worked hard to become a paramedic and help others often caught in the grip of the same trauma he experienced.
After being set up on a blind date with the love of his life he thought he’d lost, it seemed his luck was turning and fate was giving him a second chance. Happily married with two children, he has everything he ever dreamed of.
But then one tragic moment throws his world into upheaval and lands Drew in the middle of a battle to hang on to the life he loves.
Can he separate the past from the present and save his future?
Or will the demons that have stalked him his whole life finally devour him?

Her SoulBroken Teaser

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*Cover Reveal* SAFE

Hi Folks, 

It’s that time again, I have a new cover to share with you. I’m used to only releasing one book per year, but this year, I have a second release coming soon. This book is called Safe. It’s a romance, but it may contain things that are potential triggers for some readers. It talks about things that may be a little upsetting. But like I say, the main theme of the story is still romance. It’s just that the main character, Elise, has been through a lot in her life; not all of it good. 

The two main characters, Elise and Drew are based on real people I know and some of the events are real. I won’t reveal their identities, I’m just glad I was allowed to tell a story that I felt needed to be told. No, it’s not all real life, most of it is fictional; it gives them an ending they never got in real life, but I am hopeful one day they will, whether it’s together or with other people, I want them to be happy. 

Anyway, on to the cover reveal… Here we see the full wrap…


Title: SAFE

Author: Keren Hughes

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions


In every way Elise is a survivor.

As a child, she was abused by the first man she trusted completely.

As a teenager, she was manipulated mentally and physically by a man, to the point that she could not see just how bad their relationship was. She ended up too scared to stay, but even more scared to leave.

Having suffered for years at the hands of men she trusted, she met Jensen. Finally, she felt that she had someone good in her life. Their relationship was all too brief, and when it ended she built a wall around her heart. How could she ever trust a man again?

Elise is a single disabled mom and it was becoming all too clear to her that men could not see past her disability. Forsaking the love of men, she concentrated on her son, Caleb. It was the one thing she knew she could do right. Her love for Caleb was beyond measure. He was her whole world. However, Elise’s best friend Sam had other ideas, and set her up on a blind date with an extremely hot paramedic.

With so much hurt in her past, she was not sure if she was strong enough to face rejection again. Could she truly open her heart again to another? Could Elise finally find her safe-haven in his arms, or would he just add another scar to her soul?

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Thank you to all who have helped make my birthday a special day today by sharing my cover. I couldn’t do all this without you guys supporting me! I’ll have more news on when ARCs will be available soon, but for now, I have a Google Doc sign-up if you are interested in reviewing SAFE. Sign up here!









My Best Friend’s Fiancé *Cover Reveal*

Cover Reveal Banner

Hi Guys,

So it’s finally time to officially unveil my newest cover for my upcoming release, My Best Friend’s Fiancé. I have to say, Deranged Doctor Design really knocked this one out of the park. It’s the first cover of mine that has been designed by them and I am blown away. I was so excited when it landed in my inbox and now I get to share it with the people that mean the most to me, my readers… that means YOU!

Are you ready? Here it comes… 3…2…1… *ta-da*


What do you think? Isn’t it a beauty?!

Here is the blurb for MBFF:

The heart wants what it wants right? But what if it wants something it can never have?

I’m in love, and it should feel amazing…except, it doesn’t. The problem is, the guy I’m in love with happens to be my best friend’s fiancé.

It’s wrong on so many levels. If there was any way I could stop my growing feelings toward the one man who’s completely off limits, I would…but I can’t.

It’s insane, a disaster waiting to happen. The only thing that could make this entire situation worse is if the feeling was mutual—which it isn’t…is it?

Release Day is May 30th but the preorder link will go live on May 20th. Don’t wait to grab your copy of this forbidden romance story, Reid Marks is waiting for you!

If you can’t wait… here are some teasers to whet your appetite!

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My Best Friends Fiance Title on transparent.png

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I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

That’s all for now, but if you want to sign up to review MBFF for the blog tour, click this link for the Google Doc.


MORE Relay

Hi Guys,

I’ve had an idea to do something a little different with my book MORE. I helped a friend organise a book relay a few years ago and thought it seemed like a good idea to do with my own book. The idea is simple, get the book into as many hands of eager readers as possible and see how far the book travels before it eventually ends up with me.

How does it work?

Simple. I send out a paperback copy of MORE (bought by myself, it won’t cost anyone participating anything). The person that receives it reads it and then sends it on to the next person in the relay list. The last person to receive it will then read it and send it back to me. A list of names and addresses will be provided with the book for the purposes of sending it on. All I ask of anyone wanting to participate is that you are willing to pay to send it on to the next person (which may be UK or International).

Does this sound like something that would interest you? You don’t have to be a blogger, just being a reader is awesome enough. You don’t need to write a review (although reviews are ALWAYS appreciated). There is no pressure on you whatsoever. You just need to be willing to read it and send it on quickly-not hold on to it for a month for example-so as not to keep the next person waiting.


If you have any questions and/or would like to participate, please contact me via Facebook or email;

I will update you when I know the date when it will begin. If you know someone who might also be willing, please feel free to point them in my direction. This isn’t only open to my current readers, it’s open to ANYONE at all, ANYWHERE.

Here’s a teaser for the book to whet your appetite…

teaser 1


LOVED Update

I am very pleased to announce that my newest manuscript LOVED has been picked up for publication by my publishers, Limitless Publishing. I signed the contract just before Christmas – it was a great early Christmas present for me. I honestly couldn’t be happier. I have edits scheduled for April, so the book will release around May/June time, but I will keep you guys updated when I know an actual set date.


I can’t wait to see the cover. I am very nervous to see if they can capture the essence of the story. But I know that LP work with a lot of extremely talented cover artists and I have always been happy with the covers for my previous books with them. (of which, there are 4 so far.)

There will be a PR feature happening at the time of release, all set up by the amazing PR team at Blakelands Country House. They were kind enough to allow me to feature them in LOVED and contacted me not long after to extend an offer of a PR feature, which made me extremely happy. I can’t wait to see what happens from here.

I will be arranging a cover reveal as soon as I get it in my inbox. If you’d like to participate, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always active on social media, even if I’m not around on the blog. You can email me: or find me on Facebook.

Upon the release, I will be holding a giveaway. One lucky winner will take home a signed copy of LOVED and a teddy bear called Blake from Blakelands. He’s such a gorgeous little thing. There will also be snowflake themed swag (you’ll find out why when you read the book.)


So that’s it for now. I just wanted to share my news with my readers. Keep your eyes peeled for information on the cover reveal and the release date.


My Newest Work In Progress: LOVED.

I had an idea floating around for a new story once I had gotten MORE published in July this year. This story was meant to be slightly different to my others; the way it’s told from my MC’s points of view has changed. Normally, I write the female MC in past tense and the male in present. I don’t particularly know why, it just usually happens that way. This time, both characters wanted to be told in present tense and who am I to deny the voices in my head their wishes?!

I wanted to write a story about a girl who just wants to be loved. Hence the title. So Kara and Reid were given their voices and their story has been written. I can’t for the life of me write a blurb for it, but I’ll get to that eventually.

This story has made me laugh and it’s made me cry. I have loved every moment of writing it, even when I’ve wanted to punch one of the characters in the face for being a total whack-a-doodle.

Suffering from anxiety in the way that I do usually means that I don’t really like what I’ve written. I know many authors look on their own work as crap, but I am especially critical of my stories once I read them back to myself. But this time, I actually feel okay. Whilst ‘okay’ may seem like a relative term to you, it feels good to me that I can say that. One of my newest BETA girls did me a favour and combed through for some quotes to make teasers with and when I read the ones she’d chosen, I couldn’t believe I’d written them, they actually seemed good. I know they’re not the stuff of a ‘best-seller’ but that’s okay because I feel good about them anyway.

I wanted a nice romantic hotel setting for one scene, so I thought about places I’ve stayed myself and Blakelands Country House was the first place to mind. It’s a beautiful place and is in a very picturesque setting. So I phoned them and asked if they would allow me to write them into my book. It felt weird, ringing and saying “Hello, I’m an author in the UK and I would really like to feature your gorgeous hotel in my newest book.” But I did it and they said yes. I was over the moon. I mean look at this place… gorgeous, right?!


If you want to see more of the inspiration for my characters, the Winter Wonderland theme for a second scene at Blakelands and more, you can, because I started making a Pinterest board for LOVED. It’s here if you want to see what goes on inside my mind.

I also wanted to feature a place that’s well known to a lot of people but I was scared what their answer would be. I thought they’d think I was some silly girl. But you know what? They didn’t brush me off. They emailed me back with a big fat yes. I squealed in excitement and my 9 year old son wanted to know what was going on. You see, we watch Choccywoccydoodah all the time and marvel at their creations. So to feature them making a cake, albeit a fictional one, was an absolute honour. Dave, Henry and Barry aka Breaky Bear, all briefly feature in the story.


I finished writing the story today, with a total word count of just under 80,000. I feel really pleased with how it’s come along and that’s thanks in no small part to my BETA team. The girls have been there for me when I’ve needed a sounding board and want to bounce ideas around. They’ve read my chapters over and over again. I couldn’t have done this without them. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well in this case, it takes a team of wonderful women to make a novel shine. This story feels like my baby, and the girls have helped me raise it well (I hope) ;0)

Anyway, I’ll update you when I finally submit it to my publishers in the hopes that they want it… Or maybe I’ll wait until after I’ve got their decision.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Whether I get a contract with the publishers or I self-publish, this book will be out there at some point. I’ll aim for as early in the new year as I possibly can. When I do have a release date set, I’ll be having a giveaway, which will include a teddy called Blake. He’s the little brother of Bertie, the bear that Blakelands give to every couple that get married with them.15095457_569346336603119_4380122019119454673_n


Here is the one I bought for myself, sitting spurring me on. He’s my sign not to give up.



I’ll update you when I have any more information on a its release.

Until then… ❤


*Coming Soon* My Newest Release…More

Coming July 19th 2016 from @LimitlessBooks… More by @Keren_Hughes

#ComingSoon #NewRelease #NewAdult #Contemporary #Romance

More Front Cover


Drake Anderson is all the man Annalise Duncan ever wanted…

Annalise has it all. The perfect husband. The perfect son. The perfect life. After the father of her son Ayden abandoned her to be a single parent, she finally felt like she hit the romance jackpot. Her boss, Drake Anderson, turned out to be more than just a friend. He’s the love of her life, and an amazing stepfather to her son.

But the picture perfect marriage is merely an illusion…

After seven wonderful years, Drake leaves. He doesn’t give her a reason, or even the courtesy of a return phone call. Six months go by without even a single acknowledgement. Annalise is devastated. Her heart and soul belonged to Drake, and he was the only father Ayden ever knew. She’d dedicated her life to him and the family they built together, and she isn’t willing to let that dream go easily.

When Annalise spots Drake out at a café with a woman, her heart shatters all over again. But it’s not what Annalise thinks. He isn’t cheating on her. There are things about leaving that Drake just can’t or won’t explain. Some things should remain a secret.

He wants his old life back, but Annalise won’t accept anything but the truth…

Drake has to find a way to convince his wife, his Cariad, to take him back, but it may mean facing a truth he wanted to keep hidden. He must prove to Annalise that despite his past, he wants her…


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1 lucky winner will receive:

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