MORE Relay

Hi Guys,

I’ve had an idea to do something a little different with my book MORE. I helped a friend organise a book relay a few years ago and thought it seemed like a good idea to do with my own book. The idea is simple, get the book into as many hands of eager readers as possible and see how far the book travels before it eventually ends up with me.

How does it work?

Simple. I send out a paperback copy of MORE (bought by myself, it won’t cost anyone participating anything). The person that receives it reads it and then sends it on to the next person in the relay list. The last person to receive it will then read it and send it back to me. A list of names and addresses will be provided with the book for the purposes of sending it on. All I ask of anyone wanting to participate is that you are willing to pay to send it on to the next person (which may be UK or International).

Does this sound like something that would interest you? You don’t have to be a blogger, just being a reader is awesome enough. You don’t need to write a review (although reviews are ALWAYS appreciated). There is no pressure on you whatsoever. You just need to be willing to read it and send it on quickly-not hold on to it for a month for example-so as not to keep the next person waiting.


If you have any questions and/or would like to participate, please contact me via Facebook or email;

I will update you when I know the date when it will begin. If you know someone who might also be willing, please feel free to point them in my direction. This isn’t only open to my current readers, it’s open to ANYONE at all, ANYWHERE.

Here’s a teaser for the book to whet your appetite…

teaser 1



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