My Newest Work In Progress: LOVED.

I had an idea floating around for a new story once I had gotten MORE published in July this year. This story was meant to be slightly different to my others; the way it’s told from my MC’s points of view has changed. Normally, I write the female MC in past tense and the male in present. I don’t particularly know why, it just usually happens that way. This time, both characters wanted to be told in present tense and who am I to deny the voices in my head their wishes?!

I wanted to write a story about a girl who just wants to be loved. Hence the title. So Kara and Reid were given their voices and their story has been written. I can’t for the life of me write a blurb for it, but I’ll get to that eventually.

This story has made me laugh and it’s made me cry. I have loved every moment of writing it, even when I’ve wanted to punch one of the characters in the face for being a total whack-a-doodle.

Suffering from anxiety in the way that I do usually means that I don’t really like what I’ve written. I know many authors look on their own work as crap, but I am especially critical of my stories once I read them back to myself. But this time, I actually feel okay. Whilst ‘okay’ may seem like a relative term to you, it feels good to me that I can say that. One of my newest BETA girls did me a favour and combed through for some quotes to make teasers with and when I read the ones she’d chosen, I couldn’t believe I’d written them, they actually seemed good. I know they’re not the stuff of a ‘best-seller’ but that’s okay because I feel good about them anyway.

I wanted a nice romantic hotel setting for one scene, so I thought about places I’ve stayed myself and Blakelands Country House was the first place to mind. It’s a beautiful place and is in a very picturesque setting. So I phoned them and asked if they would allow me to write them into my book. It felt weird, ringing and saying “Hello, I’m an author in the UK and I would really like to feature your gorgeous hotel in my newest book.” But I did it and they said yes. I was over the moon. I mean look at this place… gorgeous, right?!


If you want to see more of the inspiration for my characters, the Winter Wonderland theme for a second scene at Blakelands and more, you can, because I started making a Pinterest board for LOVED. It’s here if you want to see what goes on inside my mind.

I also wanted to feature a place that’s well known to a lot of people but I was scared what their answer would be. I thought they’d think I was some silly girl. But you know what? They didn’t brush me off. They emailed me back with a big fat yes. I squealed in excitement and my 9 year old son wanted to know what was going on. You see, we watch Choccywoccydoodah all the time and marvel at their creations. So to feature them making a cake, albeit a fictional one, was an absolute honour. Dave, Henry and Barry aka Breaky Bear, all briefly feature in the story.


I finished writing the story today, with a total word count of just under 80,000. I feel really pleased with how it’s come along and that’s thanks in no small part to my BETA team. The girls have been there for me when I’ve needed a sounding board and want to bounce ideas around. They’ve read my chapters over and over again. I couldn’t have done this without them. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well in this case, it takes a team of wonderful women to make a novel shine. This story feels like my baby, and the girls have helped me raise it well (I hope) ;0)

Anyway, I’ll update you when I finally submit it to my publishers in the hopes that they want it… Or maybe I’ll wait until after I’ve got their decision.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Whether I get a contract with the publishers or I self-publish, this book will be out there at some point. I’ll aim for as early in the new year as I possibly can. When I do have a release date set, I’ll be having a giveaway, which will include a teddy called Blake. He’s the little brother of Bertie, the bear that Blakelands give to every couple that get married with them.15095457_569346336603119_4380122019119454673_n


Here is the one I bought for myself, sitting spurring me on. He’s my sign not to give up.



I’ll update you when I have any more information on a its release.

Until then… ❤