*Cover Reveal and Release Date* READY TO LOVE AGAIN

Hi folks!

I’m here to share with you the most stunning of my book covers. Ashley Byland, creator of the cover for NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST TIME, has worked her magic again. She has brought Alyssa and Chase to life. Where I gave them life in the pages, she gave them faces to their names. And here they are… I present you READY TO LOVE AGAIN


Here’s the front for you to see more clearly how stunning it truly it is…

RTLA cover

I am so excited for the release of this book, which will be on April 14th 2015, published by Limitless Publishing.

For Alyssa Young, life has never been easy. But the hardest thing of all was two years ago when her husband Ethan committed suicide…

Moving town was her only option, she had to get out of the town where she grew up and all the buildings and people reminded her of what she had lost.

She found a new job at Emerging Butterfly Publishing House and that was where she met editor, Chase Williams.

Although she has no romantic interest in him, he pursues her…

Of course he’s good looking. He’s also smart, funny, and she loves spending time with him. But Alyssa can’t put the past to rest.

He wants Alyssa to open up to him and fall in love with him the way he fell for her the moment he met her.

Can Chase convince Alyssa that the time is right and she’s ready to love again?

*This book is The Sweet Romance Series Book 2 but can be read as a stand-alone novel*