Second City Signing 2015

Hi Everyone!
I thought it was about time I let everyone in on the fact that I will be an attending author at a huge signing event in July 2015. It’s called Second City Signing and will be held at St Andrews in Birmingham.
I am so excited, I literally can’t stop thinking about all the awesome people I am going to meet, authors and readers alike.
And, would you believe it, we have the one and only JEM attending!! I mean seriously guys, Jodi Ellen Malpas? *fan-girls around* 


As you can see, I will be signing on Saturday 18th July only, so if you want to come and see me, make sure to get your ticket!

If you want to keep up to date with information about this fantastic event, you can add SCS as a friend on Facebook, join the Facebook Group for Attendees and follow us on Twitter.

Ticket prices can be found here.

In the new year, I will be opening up pre-ordering for my book(s). If you pre-order a copy of one or more of my books, you will get exclusive SWAG that no-one else will get!!

I will have copies of Nothing Like The First Time and Ready To Love Again with me.

I really hope to see you all there. It couldn’t be more surreal for me. Little old me, at a signing with some amazing authors. And I’m not just going as a reader, but an author. I am so overjoyed to be part of such an event!

Bye for now!



3 thoughts on “Second City Signing 2015

  1. Looking forward to seeing you there!! I have just found your blog when I googled Second City Signing. I’ve also just checked out your review site – it’s amazing 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on areadersreviewblog and commented:
    Tina and myself are excited to be attending Birmingham’s (UK) first major indie author event on Saturday. You may recognise one author from our blog, Pat Spence, who will be attending. We reviewed her YA Paranormal ‘Blue Moon’ last year! If you’re not booked up for anything this weekend, please come along and join in the fun!!!!

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