I Am On Cloud Nine…Again!

Do  you guys remember back in August 2013 I had some exciting news? If not, I’ll remind you. August 10th 2013 was the day I signed a contract with Limitless Publishing for my YA Paranormal Romance, Stolen


Well, now I have more very exciting news.  On March 17th 2014, I signed a contract with Limitless Publishing for my new NA Contemporary Romance, Nothing Like The First Time.


I am so excited because this book means a lot to me. Since writing this book, I guess I realised as much as I love Stolen, my head and my heart don’t belong in YA or in Paranormal. I think I’ve found my ‘niche’ in NACR and that makes me pretty happy. People who have read Stolen and Nothing Like The First Time are saying that my words flowed more freely in NLTFT and I know in my heart that they are right. 

If you want to know more about NLTFT and maybe add it to your Goodreads TBR, then click the link:



Thank you to everyone who supports me and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. I am working on a new one right now called ‘Ready To Love Again’. I’ll tell you more when I can. For now, I hope you’re looking forward to my cover reveal for NLTFT, I know I am.



2 thoughts on “I Am On Cloud Nine…Again!

  1. Keren, I’m so excited you’ve found your voice. That’s just awesome & congratulations on your wonderful books *hugs* xox

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