My book signing made the Halesowen News!

So my first book signing at my old high school, Leasowes High School, went really well. I had such a great day and the support of some old school friends was the cherry on the cake – I couldn’t have asked for a better day or for better support than I had.

The signing made the local paper, the Halesowen News. Here’s the link to the article:

Thank you to Ruth Ashfield, Laura Taylor, Sue Fowkes and Sam Morris for being there for me and thank you to Leasowes for having me in for a signing.



2 thoughts on “My book signing made the Halesowen News!

  1. Keren, I read with delight in the Halesowen News that your book has been published. I have a keen interest in your work as I am also a writer from Halesowen who also went to Leasowes school. I have ordered your book off Amazon and I very much look forward to reading it. Like you I also suffer from low self-esteem and I understand your reluctance to initially send your book off to publishers and I feel like that too. I write a weekly blog called Lowlife which has a decent following ( which is a very different genre to Stolen. It with be lovely to meet you to have a coffee or something to talk about writing if you would be comfortable in doing that. My email addresses are or if you want to contact me. Well done on your publication and I hope it leads to more published books in the future for you. Dominic.

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