**News Flash**

What do I have in common with these people? Look at the images and see if you can figure it out… (don’t worry, the answer becomes apparent)



Are you wondering what these people have in common with each other? Some of you may know, some of you may not… so let’s go for a clue…


Are you any closer to the answer?

What I have in common with these people is….

I am now a Limitless Publishing author!!



I signed my contract on August 10th 2013.



So, that’s my big news! I hope you’ll come back to find out more when I know! I can’t wait to get a cover made and I’m even looking forward to edits. What author looks forward to edits? The kind that still can’t believe that she’s going to be a published author! 

I submitted to 3 publishers in total and was offered a contract by 2 of them. Can you believe it? I can’t! I mean, I never took creative writing classes or anything. I was so scared of rejection I thought I would be rejected by publishers, so I almost self-published. That was until 2 of the girls published by LP coaxed me into submitting.

Have no doubt, I adore Indie Authors and I would have definitely become one if it weren’t for the fact that I got this amazing publishing deal. 

So, I’ll let you go now but please, feel free to jump for joy, I know I did 🙂




4 thoughts on “**News Flash**

  1. Lisa Swallow says:

    Ahhh! Congratulations xx

  2. So happy for you, Keren. Can’t wait to hold your book in my hands. 🙂

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