My First Ever Review of Stolen – PS: It’s Awesome!

Add To Your Goodreads TBR Today!

Add To Your Goodreads TBR Today!

*Kendall awarded Stolen 4.5 Stars!*

I met Keren through chance on my Facebook page and after we started speaking she was telling me about her book and asked if I would like to beta-read it for her! I said yes without even thinking about it as her book sounded amazing! And it totally was amazing! Be prepared to be thrown into a world of secrets, lies and love! Stolen will take you on one Hell of an adventure! It was such an amazing book that actually took me a while to beta read! I loved everything about it, but I do have one complaint! I felt that at times that I was overwhelmed with information and I had to re-read some of it to make sure that I understood it all! This is a good thing in my opinion as this book is fast-paced and you figure everything out at the same time as the characters do which is something that I loved about it! The plot of Stolen was amazing and so unique! I haven’t quite read anything like it before! I did understand it all and I was able to keep up with it! There was suspense in the plot and action and it was a big adventure! It felt like I was actually there with the characters as they were taking their journey! The plot was explained perfectly and it was a fresh take on a new idea! I just loved it! The characters were also amazing! Shanna was the main character and Stolen was told from her point of view! I really liked Shanna! I thought that she went through a lot in such a short space of time and I thought that she came through amazingly! I loved that I connected with her the whole way through the book as well! She was a character that powered on even after she had lost so much, but she also gained a lot as well! Bodhi was the love interest of Shanna and he was beyond cute! The little things he did for Shanna put a big smile on my face! I did think that he spoke quite proper and I normally don’t like characters that do this, but with Bodhi I was able to overlook it most of the time! Plus, how unique is his name?! Shanna and Bodhi were such a cute couple! They both helped each other through a tough time in their lives and together they made a kick-ass team! I adored the both of them Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I know that Keren is bringing out another book to this one in Bodhi’s point of view so I am really looking forward to reading that and I really hope that I will love it as much as I loved this one! I saw the old cover for this book and I thought that it was okay and then Keren showed me the new cover and I fell in love! It suits the book so much better than the old cover! Big thank you to Keren for letting me beta read Stolen for her!

Thank you SO much Kendall. You blew me away.Image


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